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Commission supports international clinical research network to treat 
An ambitious new EU-funded research initiative, EU-RESPONSE, will 
establish a clinical research network to treat COVID-19 and other 
emerging infectious diseases. The Commission announced today that it 
will support the project with €15.7 million.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, 
Education and Youth, said:

EU-RESPONSE is a major step towards pan-European clinical trials that 
not only give us the scale we need to rapidly assess potential 
treatments, but can also adapt rapidly as new facts and ideas emerge. 
This EU clinical trials network will serve Europe now to address 
COVID-19 and help us prepare for future threats by offering speed, scale 
and solidarity.


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Success stories
Greener flights from greener fields - using aviation biofuel

Jet fuel from renewable sources holds the key to significantly reducing 
the environmental impact of aviation. EU-funded researchers have set out 
to boost Europe's production capacity, and are also developing a process 
that would leverage the growing of feedstock to rehabilitate land at 
risk of desertification.



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Horizon magazine
‘So far, so good’: The view from inside a coronavirus vaccine trial

After nearly two decades of working in vaccine development, seeing the 
subject of her work – coronavirus – in the news every single day is a 
first for her.



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