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Top experts hand over their proposals for EU missions to the Commission 
for a greener, healthier and more resilient Europe
Today at the European Research and Innovation Days, high-level 
independent experts presented their proposals to the European Commission 
for possible EU missions on some of our most pressing societal 
challenges. By 2030, the proposed missions aim to find solutions for 
saving more lives from cancer, making Europe climate resilient, 
restoring our ocean and waters, achieving 100 climate-neutral cities, 
and ensuring 75% of soils are healthy.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, 
Education and Youth, said:

The EU missions’ idea is to tackle these societal challenges in a new 
way: targeted, time-bound and with a measurable goal. They bring 
together policies and instruments as a coherent, joined-up approach to 
ensure a strong impact on society and drive long-term, systemic and 
disruptive change. It is a huge ambition that we plan to fulfil together 
for a sustainable Europe for all.


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Success stories
Better planned care improves cancer patient welfare

An EU-funded project carried out an 'advance care planning' trial on 
patients with late-stage cancer in a bid to improve their welfare and 
boost their involvement in care-giving decision-making.



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Horizon magazine
Leuven named the 2020 European capital of innovation

Leuven, Belgium, has been named the 2020 European Capital of Innovation 
for its use of innovation to improve residents’ lives. The €1 million 
cash prize, which every year recognises cities’ innovative solutions to 
social challenges that engage and empower its citizens, was awarded to 
Leuven in a ceremony with EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during the EU 
Research and Innovation Days.



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