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Share your views on Horizon Europe’s priorities for the next four years

How do we design an ambitious EU research and innovation programme that 
supports the green and digital transitions for a sustainable coronavirus 
recovery? To answer this question we need your help. Have your say on 
Horizon Europe’s first Strategic Plan, which will guide the work 
programmes and topics for the new programme’s first four years.

Commissioner Gabriel said:


The transition to a sustainable, carbon neutral and digital society and 
economy have to become the basis of our recovery from the coronavirus 
crisis. Your participation will make a difference as we can only achieve 
real impact if we do this together. Get involved for a strong, 
sustainable and competitive Europe. I count on you.


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	Share your views 

European Research and Innovation Days 2020
We are very glad to announce that registrations are open 

On our website, you’ll also find:

  * more information about the *speakers*
    <https://research-innovation-days.ec.europa.eu/speakers> and the
    *event itself* <https://research-innovation-days.ec.europa.eu/about>
  * an updated *programme*
    <https://research-innovation-days.ec.europa.eu/programme> with
    information on plenary sessions, hub sessions, workshops and
    co-design sessions
  * a *how to participate*
    <https://research-innovation-days.ec.europa.eu/how> page telling you
    about the event’s interactive features and what happens in the
    different sessions
  * explanations about the *policy conference*
    and the different thematic hubs
  * a look behind the scenes of the *Science is Wonderful!

You can also have a look at our video 
explaining what the European Research and Innovation Days are about.


	Main URL <https://research-innovation-days.ec.europa.eu/>

Horizon magazine
New wave of medical ‘deep tech’ can help coronavirus response – but 
there’s resistance

The development of new medical technologies based on cutting-edge 
discoveries has accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic and is 
helping us respond to the health crisis. But for these technologies to 
flourish, attitudes and scepticism among investors still need to change, 
say researchers and start-ups.



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	Horizon magazine <https://horizon-magazine.eu/>

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