QLS guest webinar - Thursday, 25 June at 14:00 (CET)

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Thu Jun 18 10:58:21 CEST 2020

Dear All,

On Thursday, 25 June at 14:00(CET), Alexander Cherevko, Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk, Russia, will give a webinar titled

"Simple equation describing brain hemodynamics"


The study of blood flow in the vicinity of cerebral vascular pathologies is important both from
an applied and from a scientific point of view. The main characteristics of blood flow are the dependence
of velocity and pressure on time. Currently, the dependence of velocity on time can be
measured by various methods (for example, ultrasound). But, currently non-invasive pressure measurement
is impossible. In my talk I will present a mathematical model of blood flow, which allows for
a particular patient to restore the dependence of pressure on time by the dependence of velocity
on time. To build the model under study, clinical data on the pressure and velocity of blood flow in
the vessels of the brain in the vicinity of the pathology obtained during neurosurgical operations are
used. The model is a nonlinear ordinary differential equation, the coefficients of which are determined
by clinical data. We study equation's properties as well as a correlation of equation properties and pathologies properties.

Indico webpage:http://indico.ictp.it/event/9411/

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