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EU and Japan step up cooperation in science, technology and innovation
European and Japanese researchers and innovators will be able to join 
forces more easily on global challenges and to coordinate their efforts 
in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for 
Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and Naokazu 
Takemoto, Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy, agreed to 
step up EU-Japan cooperation in science, technology and innovation and 
to boost the synergies between the respective research and innovation 

Commissioner Gabriel said:

    /"/Japan is one of our key partners. I am therefore extremely happy
    to have signed, together with Minister Takemoto, this Letter of
    Intent to strengthen our existing cooperation in science, technology
    and innovation. The coronavirus crisis has shown that cooperation at
    international level in research and innovation is more than ever
    necessary, including through open access to data and results/."/


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Success stories
Metabolic protein may lead to cure for multiple sclerosis

EU-funded researchers are aiming to develop a new class of drugs to 
treat and even cure multiple sclerosis, building on groundbreaking 
research into previously unexploited mechanisms of an ancestral 
metabolic molecule the helps regulate the immune system of all humans 
and mammals.



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Horizon magazine
Alpacas and antibodies: How scientists hope to stop coronavirus in its 

Efforts to design a safe vaccine for Covid-19 are moving forward at full 
throttle, yet experts agree that it’s likely to be a year, at least, 
before an immunisation is ready. Meanwhile, scientists around Europe are 
exploring ingenious ways – including with the help of alpacas – to use 
the latest techniques in molecular manipulation to repair 
coronavirus-induced lung damage or to block the virus before it wreaks 



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