Nalini Joshi's online colloquium -- correct date!

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Mon Jun 1 14:47:03 CEST 2020

Dear all,

I apologize for the previous email, the seminar is on June 3rd at 10am (and
not on June 2nd as previously announced).

Speaker: Nalini Joshi (Sidney)
Title: When applied mathematics collided with algebra
Date and venue: June 3 at 10am (note the unusual time!)
Meeting ID: 920 5851 6928

Abstract:  imagine walking from one tile to another on a lattice defined by
reflections associate with an affine Coxeter or Weyl group. Examples
include triangular or hexagonal lattices on the plane. Recently, it was
discovered that translations on such lattices give rise to the Painlevé
equations, which are reductions of integrable systems that are more
familiar to applied mathematicians and mathematical physicists. I will
explain this surprising development through introductory examples and
explain the background to the discovery of the geometric theory of
continuous and discrete Painlevé equations.

You can find the list of the forthcoming talk of this series at this link:

See you online!

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