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Online Seminar Announcement

The following seminar will take place on zoom the 19 of may:

Speaker: Andrea Ricolfi

Title: Higher rank K-theoretic Donaldson-Thomas theory via quot schemes

Abstract: Recently Okounkov proved Nekrasov’s conjecture expressing  
the partition function of K-theoretic DT invariants of the Hilbert  
scheme of points Hilb(C^3,points) on affine 3-space as an explicit  
plethystic exponential. We generalise Nekrasov’s formula to higher  
rank, where the quot scheme of finite length quotients of O^r replaces  
Hilb(C^3,points). This proves a conjecture of Awata-Kanno.  
Specialising to cohomological invariants, we obtain the statement of  
Szabo’s conjecture. We finally observe that the quot scheme under  
consideration is canonically isomorphic to the moduli space of framed  
sheaves on P^3.
This is joint work with Nadir Fasola and Sergej Monavari.

Here is the link:

Meeting ID: 977 0982 0445
Password: 785483

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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