Reminder This Afternoon - Joint MPIPKS/ICTP Seminar on May 4th

ICTP/CM cm at
Mon May 4 08:34:17 CEST 2020

Dear All,

Due to the current Corona situation, conferences and workshops have been
canceled around the world. For that reason, we are currently planning to
establish online workshops as an alternative.

With this email we would like to bring to your attention the

Joint Virtual MPIPKS/ICTP Seminar

Monday May 4th from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm CET

Organized for, and by, members of ICTP and PKS. For more detailed
information please visit:

Michael Knap (TU Munich): Anomalous Diffusion in Dipole Conserving Systems
Alessandro Silva (SISSA Trieste): Dynamics and scrambling in systems
with long range interactions

Digital Venue
Video conferencing software: BigBlueButton

You can participate using your browser

On laptops and desktops we strongly recommend to use Chromium/Chrome for
optimal functionality.

By default, all microphones of participants are muted when joining the
online seminar. You can unmute yourself whenever you would like to start a
communication, e.g., when asking a question. Please mute again once the
communication has ended in order to reduce background noise for all

Please feel free to ask questions during the online sessions as you're
used to in conventional talks.

We are trying several formats to boost interactions and discussions
after the talks. For this event, PhD students will have the option to
join the speakers of the session into a discussion room. PhD students
will receive a respective offer to join this 'breakout room' after the
end of the session. If you're a PhD student and have not been offered
this option, just contact the host via the chat.

All others are invited to use separate breakout rooms, where guided
discussions will take place. We will host experts in the field to host
the discussions and provide additional information during the seminars.

Looking forward to see you there!

The Organizers:
Marcello Dalmonte / ICTP, Trieste
Markus Heyl / MPI-PKS, Dresden

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