Algebraic geometry online seminars on K3 surfaces

Alessandro Nobile anobile at
Mon Jun 29 09:38:31 CEST 2020

Dear all,
    this is to announce the fifteenth algebraic geometry seminar on K3

SPEAKER: Yulieth Prieto (University of Bologna) 

WHEN: Friday, July 3 at 4.00 pm (Rome)

WHERE: Link Zoom:
       Meeting ID:  989 0862 3574 
       Password:    069370

TITLE: Automorphisms on K3 surfaces

ABSTRACT: I will first give some general properties of automorphisms of
complex K3 surfaces. Then, I will specialize in automorphism of finite
order, where they are classified into three types: symplectic,
non-symplectic, and purely non-symplectic. Finally, I will focus on the
symplectic type to show its interplay with the moduli space of algebraic
K3 surfaces. 

Everyone interested is welcomed to attend.

Best regards,

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