Algebraic geometry online seminars on K3 surfaces

Alessandro Nobile anobile at
Mon Jun 22 12:03:13 CEST 2020

Dear all,
    this is to announce the fourteenth algebraic geometry seminar on K3

SPEAKER: Elena Lukzen 

WHEN: Friday, June 26 at 4.00 pm (Rome)

WHERE: Link Zoom:
       Meeting ID:  912 7813 1967
       Password:    941425

TITLE: Global Torelli theorem for K3's

ABSTRACT: Global Torelli theorem states that any two complex K3 surfaces
are isomorphic if there exists a Hodge symmetry on corresponding second
cohomologies. We will follow partly approach by Verbitsky, which states
that mapping class group of a hyperkaeler manifold is commensurable to
an arithmetic lattice in SO(3,b_2-3).  Firstly, we will show that any
two complex K3's are deformation equivalent. Then we will investigate a
structure of a period map on the moduli space of K3's.  Introducing a
notion of a twistor line and explain how it can be used in period maps
and will prove its local surjectivity and injectivity and using these
tools will prove the main theorem.

Everyone interested is welcomed to attend.

Best regards,

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