Tues. seminar at SISSA - cancelled

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Thu Nov 15 11:21:40 CET 2012

Please note seminar below has been CANCELLED 




Tuesday, 20 November   -   11:00 a.m.


SISSA, Santorio Building,    Room 128 (1st Floor)



Francesco ZAMPONI     ( École Normale Supérieure, Paris )



"Ginzburg criterion for the glass transition"





I will discuss the onset of slow relaxation in glassy systems by constructing a static replica field theory approach to the problem.  At the mean field level, criticality in the four point correlation functions arises because of the presence of soft modes and I will present an effective replica field theory for these critical fluctuations.  At the Gaussian level many physical quantities are obtained: the correlation length, the exponent parameter that controls the Mode-Coupling dynamical exponents for the two-point correlation functions, and the prefactor of the critical part of the four point correlation functions.  A one-loop computation allows to identify the region in which the mean field Gaussian approximation is valid.  The result is a Ginzburg criterion for the glass transition, which confirms that the upper critical dimension for the glass transition is d=8.  Finally, I will present numerical results for hard spheres in dimension d ranging from 3 to 9 that support the analytical results.

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