prof. Gigli's seminar at SISSA

Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth tuillier at
Thu Nov 15 08:37:40 CET 2012


Prof. Nicola Gigli
(Université de Nice)

will deliver a seminar on:
"Analytic tools for the study of spaces with Ricci curvature bounded 
from below"

Abstract: the seminar aims to give an overview on some recently result 
concerning analysis over non-smooth metric measure spaces with Ricci 
curvature bounded from below. The discussion will comprehend the 
following topics:
- heat flow
- stability properties
- differentials and gradients in a non-smooth world
- Laplacian comparison estimates
If time permits, some consequences in terms of the geometry of these 
spaces will also be given.

Tuesday 20 November at 2 pm in lecture room 128 (I floor)

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