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Mon Jul 14 15:13:13 CEST 2008

Invitation to all ICTP workshop and seminar organizers, activity  

This is an invitation to all ICTP workshop and seminar organizers,
activity directors, etc., and anyone interested, to attend the  
lecture on:

     "Open Academic Webcasting with ICTP EyA System"

           Wednesday, 16 July 2008 at 11:00 hr
           at Adratico Guest House (InfoLab)

This is an opportunity to learn more in detail the features
and capabilities of the Automated EyA Recording System,
currently implemented at the ICTP Diploma Course on-line.

EyA ("Enhance your Audience") is an innovative automatic
audio-video recording system with synchronized slides, developed to  
archive and share on the web scientific lectures and talks carried  
out using modern presentations (PPT, PDF, animations, etc) as well as  
the traditional chalkboards found in classrooms.

The EyA system has these main features:
- no human intervention during recording and post-processing;
- scalable architecture;
- no special requirements for the speaker or lecturer;
- high resolution of images;
- low total cost of ownership and implementation;
- low-bandwidth friendly features (zip, CD, DVD).

This lecture is held in the framework of the ongoing workshop on  
"Using Open Access Models for Science Dissemination".

                  You are most welcome to attend,

                             The SDU Team

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