CBM seminar: Wednesday, 9 July 2008, 11.30 AM

Cristina Leonesi cristina.leonesi at cbm.fvg.it
Mon Jul 7 17:25:56 CEST 2008

Dear All, 

You are kindly invited to the next CBM seminar: 

Polyoxometalates: from Molecular Catalysts to Nanostructures, towards Innovative Materials 

Prof. Marcella Bonchio 
Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM-CNR) and Department of Chemical Sciences University of Padova, Via Marzolo 1, 35131, Padova, Italy 
marcella.bonchio at unipd.it 
Moderator: Prof. Giacinto Scoles 

Wednesday, 9 July 2008, 11.30 AM 
Meeting Room CBM, Q building, 1st floor 
AREA Science Park, Basovizza (TS) 

Polyoxometalates (POMs) are discrete, soluble multi-metal oxo-clusters, characterized by a large structural/composition variety and by specific properties including: nano-sized dimensions, polyanionic charge and surface reactivity. Within the rigid metal-oxide POM framework, diversity can be generated by appropriate choice of: (i) the metal addenda (Mo, W, etc), (ii) heteroatoms; (iii) redox-active substituents (Fe, Ru, etc.); (iv) hybridization with organic domains. POMs display a catalytic surface where, redox and acidic properties of the active site, can be tuned at the molecular level, thus providing a homogeneous working model for the study of extended metal-oxide materials. Their appeal in the field of catalysis stems from (i) their extreme robustness; (ii) the adoption of straightforward metathesis strategies for solubilization and recovery in different media (from water to organic or perfluorinated media); (iii) microwave-absorbing polyelectrolite behavior; (iv) photocatalytic activity; (v) self-assembling behavior, generating nano-sized aggregates. Moreover, appropriate synthetic methods allow to incorporate bio-relevant metals such as Fe, Ru, Mn, etc. To this latter scope, the polyoxometalate framework provides a polydentate binding site with unique electron-acceptor ability, and interesting structural and coordination properties modelling the active site of natural enzymes. 

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