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*WHAT'S ON THIS WEEK 3 - 5 February 2012*


*Sculptures by Elena Sanchini Borruso *at Hotel Duchi Vis à Vis, with 
about 15 steel sculptures. Open until 16 February, Mon - Fri: 9-17; Sat 
9 - 15.

*At Muggia, *in Ugo Cara's Modern Art Museum: *Photograph show by Maria 
Morello *entitled "Silenziose allusioni"* *(Silent insinuations). She 
has not elaborated her photos in photoshoppe at al. Open until 26 Feb, 
Tues - Fri 17-19; Sat 10-12 & 17-19; Sun 10-12

*"Donne di poste" (Women of the post offices), Central Post office's 
Museum, photography *show on the women employed at the post offices in 
the past century. Visiting times Mondays to Saturdays 9:00 - 13:00 and 
on Thursdays, open also in the afternoons from 15:00 - 18:00. Ongoing 
until 25 Feb.

* *

*Visit the Sartorio Museum,* an ancient 18th century Villa that belonged 
to a rich merchant family. There are beautiful rooms with antique 
furniture and important art collections, *paintings, jewellery, 
furnitures, silverware as well as 254* drawings by Tiepolo (1696-1770, a 
famous Venetian artist), Santa Chiara's triptic and more recently, 
Fittcke's paintings. Ticket euro 5,50. The Sartorio is situated in Largo 
Papa Giovanni XXIII, n.1, open Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 - 13:00. Take bus 30.

* *

*Immaginario Scientifico multimedia show "Altromare"* ongoing until 27 
May 2012. The Immaginario Science Centre is located in Grignano (under 
the Adriatico Guesthouse). The show will take you to the ocean's 
abysses, underwater volcanoes, coral reefs and tropical islands. The 
exhibition is open every Sunday from 10:00 - 20:00. Furthermore, there 
are workshops for children. Reduced entrance ticket for ICTP scientists 
and staff: euro 4. For more info check website: 
http://www.immaginarioscientifico.it/grignano_museo at the Science Centre.


*Classical music concerts* organized by the Associazione Chamber Music. 
Performances at the Palazzo del Governo (Prefettura) or at the Verdi 
theatre. Euro 20 /show (reduced for membership owners - 4 concerts euro 
60), check programme at: 
http://www.acmtrioditrieste.it/stagconcert12.html. Tickets purchased at 
the "Ticket Point in corso Italia 6/c, tel 040 3498276.


*Every Friday night starting at 22:00, live music at the Cafè Rossetti, 
*viale XX Settembre, close to the Rossetti Theatre.* *This Friday 13 
Jan, soul and blues with the Sunrise Band (9 musicians and singer), tel: 
348 7396445, Check: http://www.sunriseband.it

* *


The *Friulian Dolomite and Carnic* *Alps *offer 133 kilometres of slopes 
for downhill skiing in the ski resorts of Piancavallo, Tarvisio, 
Ravascletto-Zoncolan, Forni di Sopra and Sella Nevea-Bovec as well as 
200 km for cross-country skiing. *N**ordic walking**, **ski 
mountaineering**, **snowboarding** *and* **walks with snowshoes** *are 
also available. For info on ski resorts, ski schools, maps: 

*Check this very useful website for ski pass prices in the region and 
other regions in Italy: http://www.neveitalia.it/friuliveneziagiulia/*

* *


*Art exhibition in Treviso: "Manciù, l'Ultimo Imperatore" *(Manchu, the 
last emperor) at the Casa dei Carraresi Museum in via Palestro 33/35. 
Open Tuesday - Thursday 9:00 - 19:00 and Sun - Sat 9:00 - 20:00. A full 
collection of items, jewellery, clothing, portraits of the 12 emperors 
of the Manchu dynasty, paintings by the Chinese artist Jaiang Guofan. 
Tel: 0422 513150. http://www.laviadellaseta.info/. The exhibition is 
ongoing until 13 May 2012

*Art exhibition at Villa Manin di Passariano in the Province of Udine: 
"Espressionismo*" ongoing until 5 March 2012 with 100 works from the 
Brücke Museum of Berlin. Works by Kirchner, Heckel, Nolde, 
Schimdt-Rottluff, Pechstein and Mueller representing the 1905 "Die 
Brücke" movement in Dresden, forerunner of the expressionist movement. 
Check programme: http://www.lineadombra.it. Entrance ticket euro 10. 
Take train to Udine then local buses to Passariano.

*/Check the interactive map of the FVG tourist board for all 
destinations, museums, archaeological sites, tours, sports and much more:/*


*/Info Point takes no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness or 
completeness of the above information. Check website: 

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