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Wed Feb 1 14:24:31 CET 2012

Late last autumn, staff were invited to express which language(s)
they would be interested to learn.
We have looked into which languages have caught sufficient interest
for courses to be organized, and the relevant teaching options.
Since some of you did express an interest for several languages, in order
to be able to
conclude on the participation and engage the teachers, we ask you to kindly
confirm which language class(es) you intend to attend.

At present, it seems possible to organize classes in English, English
conversation, French medium, French advanced, Spanish beginner, German,
Chinese, Slovenian, Arabic.
In order to organize a class, a minimum of 4 persons is required.
The intention is to have 1,5 hour classes, once per week, with 30 hours
during the Spring, starting in February. Depending on the interest,
classes may be continued in autumn.

English, French and Spanish attracted a large interest and the classes
will be  held from 12.30 to 14.00. The other languages may be held
from 17.00 to 18.30.
You are required to clock out and in of the time & attendance system for
the classes.

ICTP will contribute with half of the cost, up to a limit of 250 euro
per person per year, the staff member/consultant paying the rest. As a
consequence, the larger each class is, the lower the cost per person
since the teacher is paid a fixed hourly rate.

Please provide Ms. Claudia Bognolo (bognolo at by 3 February with
your binding confirmation of which language(s) you wish to learn.

Thank you and best regards

Dag H. Johannessen

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