Free-time activities - 16-18 February 2007

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16-18 FEBRUARY 2007
Free-time activities
A R T  &  E X H I B I T I O N S
This website gives details of all museums in Trieste and the  
surrounding region:

Carnival is taking place this weekend and up to Tuesday (mardi gras),  
and two exhibitions are open to mark the occasion: The first is at the  
Camera di Commercio in piazza della Borsa, 14 and is a collection of  
works by 35 painters and sculptors.  Entitled "Carnevale, giochi di  
allegorie e allusioni" it's on display until 23 Feb. from 8.30-20  
weekdays and 10-12 16-19 at weekends.  The other exhibition with a  
carnival theme is "Maschere allo Specchio", a collection of photographs  
of carnival masks by Liliana Bomboschek on show at Marios Snack bar in  
piazza V. Veneto until 26 February from 7-18.30 from Monday-Friday.

Below is a brief list of some other exhibitions going on locally.
On Saturday 17 February, at 18:00, a new exhibition of the works of the  
artist Aldo Bressanutti entitled "L'iperrealismo trasfigurato" will  
open at the Rettori Tribbio 2 Gallery (piazza Vecchia 6).  Open daily  
until 2 March from 10-12 and 17-19.30.  Sundays 11-12.30. Closed  
Monday.  This Sunday (18/2) it will be open from 10-13 and 15.30-18.
The Exhibition to celebrate 100 years since the opening of the historic  
Transalpina railway has been prolonged until 28 February in the railway  
museum (Museo Ferroviario  - via Giulio Cesare, 1).  Open Saturday and  
Sunday only. More information on 3383764446.
"Is there anybody out there?" at the LipanjePuntin Gallery (via Diaz)  
displaying the works of well-known international artists like David  
Byrne, Martino Coppes, Angel Marcos, Arash Radpour, Thomas Rose, Sergio  
Scabar, Marco Citron. Open until 10 March 2007. Monday-Friday  
15:30-19:30 and Saturday 16:30-19:30. Closed on holidays.
Photography exhibition at the Twins Club, via Economo 5, 1st floor.  
Photographs of 6 young photographers dedicated to fashion and  
accessories. Opening times Monday-Friday from 9-21 Open until 28  
February 2007.
Ongoing at Miramare Castle until 25 February is "Queen of Europe": an  
audiovisual project to raise public awareness of the themes of peace  
and solidarity between peoples which was first displayed in Dublin and  
Belfast, before moving to Trieste, another multi-ethnic city, with a  
complex history.
In Palazzo Costanzi (Piazza Piccola) until 28 February, you can see an  
interesting exhibition on the subject of alberi genealogici - family  
trees and how they are drawn up.  28 examples are on display.  Apart  
from individual family histories, there is also a large tree depicting  
the history of Italy from ancient times up to 1911.  Open daily from  
10-13 and 17-20.
Group exhibition of well-known 1900 artists: Capogrossi, Carà,  
Negrisin, Spacal, at the Ugo Carà museum in Muggia. Open until 28  
February 2007. From Monday-Friday 17 - 19.
A new multimedia exhibition on the history of psychiatry, Pschiatria,  
un viaggio senza ritorno, is on at the Stazione Marittima on the  
waterfront in Trieste (Molo Bersaglieri 3) until 28 February daily from  

This weekend marks the last weekend of carnival, leading up to mardi  
gras on Tuesday.  There will be many celebrations and parades locally.   
Until Tuesday 20th Feb, there will be a Fair/Market in viale XX  
Settembre with all sorts of food, drink and items to buy, as well as  
musical bands performing and other entertainers.  Here are brief  
details of a few of the main carnival events:
In Piazza Verdi (near piazza Unita'), there will be music and  
entertainment for children from 16-19 on Saturday 17th Feb and from  
11-13 and 16-19 on Sunday 18th Feb.  Piazza Unita' itself will be full  
all day of people in carnival outfits, particularly children, all  
weekend, especially if the weather keeps fine. The carnival parade  
through the centre of Trieste takes place on Tuesday 28 February  
starting in Piazza Oberdan at 14.00.
Muggia celebrates carnival in a big way.  There will be street parties  
and music all weekend, culminating in the parade through the town which  
starts at 1.30 on Sunday.  Take bus 20 to Muggia, or the Delfino Verde  
boat details below under "Tours".  If you want to see the parade, make  
sure you allow plenty of time, as thousands of people come to watch  
every year.
There will be a carnival parade by the villages of Carso starting at  
14:00 on Saturday though the centre of Opicina.  Take bus 4 from Piazza  
Oberdan up to Opicina, or the tram, if it's running.

C H I L D R E N's  A C T I V I T I E S
L'Immaginario Scientifico
This science museum (located on the ground floor level of the Adriatico  
Hotel, entrance at the rear of the hotel, opposite the 36 bus stop) has  
exhibits which are particularly suitable for children.
A children's laboratory will be held on Sunday from 15.45-16.45 for  
those aged 4-7 and from 15:30-17:00 for 8-11 year olds.  You can book  
by e-mail at prenotazioni at More information  
on their website:  The museum now hosts  
birthday parties for groups of children aged 4-13.  More information on  
040-224424 or online 

F A I R S  &  M A R K E T S
On Sunday 18 February, there will be the monthly flea market in Trieste  
town centre.  All sorts of antiques and bric a brac will be on sale all  
day in the roads of the old town behind Piazza della Borsa near the  
Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano).

Ariston Cinema
At 20:30 there will be a screening of the film "Play Time" (Jacques  
Tati - 1967) with Italian subtitles.  There will be an introduction by  
Fabio Pagan.  Free entrance.

M U S I C & C O N C E R T S
Caffe San Marco
At the Caffe San Marco in via Battisti 18, at 21:00 on Friday 16th  
February there will be a performance entitled "Maschere, veglioni e  
cotillons.  Il carnevale nell'operetta" sung by a soprano and a tenor,  
with an accompanying pianist. At 21.30 on Saturday 17th February, there  
will be an evening entitled Encuentro de Carnaval con Tango.  Free  
entrance to both events.

Free Live Music at 21:00 at the Corsia Stadion - via Battisti - Friday  
16th Feb. (Mike Sponza blues band) and Saturday 10th Feb. (Vecia  
Trieste band).
Bar Crispi (via Crispi 18) - Saturday 17th Feb. at 21:00 Move & Groove  
(disco music) followed by dancing with dj.
Lee Roy (via Paduina 9) - Friday 16th Feb at 21:30 - Ottava Nota (jazz  
& fusion)

Trieste offers several possibilities for swimmers. More information, in  
English, on all the local swimming facilities (including the pools also  
in Altura, Monfalcone and nearby Slovenia) can be found on the  
following site:
Remember to take a swimming cap with you, as it is obligatory in all  
The nearby seaside resort of Grado is nice to visit also in winter,  
with its historical centre, basilica and roman remains.  You can read  
about the town (in English) on the site:  Grado also has a great indoor spa  
pool (more information in Italian on the site:
If you don't have a car, the best way to get to Grado is by bus.  The  
APT number 21 bus goes direct to Grado leaving the bus station in  
Trieste at 7.50 on weekdays and Saturdays and 8.00 on Sundays (it  
reaches Grignano bus stop about 5-10 minutes later).  The return from  
Grado bus station is 14.15 Monday-Saturday and 18.50 on Sundays.

Trieste by Bus
Every Saturday a bus leaves for a tour of Trieste from in front of the  
train station at 14.00.  It takes in all of the main sights to see  
downtown, and there is also a 30-minute stop at St. Giusto Castle,  
where you can walk along the Castle walls or visit the Cathedral or  
simply enjoy the spectacular views.  Tickets may be bought in the Sala  
Eurostar in the main railway station and cost 5.20 Euro, with children  
under 10 travelling free.
Trieste by Boat
You can travel from the Molo Pescheria to Muggia and visit the  
Istro-Venetian fishing village. Take advantage to admire Trieste from  
the sea.  See the following web site for timetables and prices: 
Have a look at Muggia on:  Take advantage to  
see Carnival in full swing.
For more information on all of the above, and for more suggestions of  
what to see and do locally, please contact the InfoPoint (ext. 433).

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