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Wed Feb 14 10:50:05 CET 2007

To:             All Staff  & Section Heads
From:        E. Jost, Admin. & GS Officer
Through:  D. H. Johannessen, Director Admin

Inventory records reconciliation at ICTP

This is to inform you that starting from 14 February 2007, a physical 
reconciliation of all items present in the ICTP inventory records will 
be carried out by Mr. Pierre Agbedjro and Mr. Roberto Cappella in all 
ICTP premises, as per UNESCO and ICTP rules on property control.
The collaboration and availability of all staff , especially  Section 
Heads, in granting assistance to the above team  to enable them to 
locate the property assigned to each section rapidly, is  highly 
appreciated.  For querieis regarding this exercise, kindly refer to Ms. 
S. Medica (ext. 506-email: medica at
Thank you.

Erich Jost
Admin. & GS Officer
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