FREE-TIME ACTIVITIES 31st August-2nd September

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31st August-2nd September

A R T  & E X H I B I T I O N S
The following website gives details of all museums in Trieste and the 
surrounding region: and

New Photography Exhibition at the Teatro Miela: More than 100 pictures 
by Evgenij Chaldej, the most famous Russian photographer of the Second 
World War. The exhibition will last until 16th September. Free 
entrance. The Teatro Miela is in Piazza Luigi Amedeo Duca Degli Abruzzi 
3, near piazza Unita'. There are free guided tours every day from 6.30 
p.m to 10.30 p.m.

Revoltella Museum: Mascherini e la Scultura del Suo Secolo (Mascherini 
and the Sculpture of his Century). From 28th July-14th October. A 
retrospective exhibition to commemorate Trieste's most famous 20th 
century sculptor, on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

Duino Castle: Rainer Maria Rilke " The Poet And His Angels", from 22nd 
July to 21st October at Duino Castle a collection of documents, 
photographs (some of which depict the poet himself), manuscripts and a 
biography of the poet. Rilke was a guest at Duino Castle in 1912 and 
wrote the famous poems " Elegie Duinesi". Most of the quotations and 
the texts on exhibition are both in the original German version with 
translation in Italian.

Miramare Castle: Visit the painting exhibition of Princess Charlotte of 
Belgium (wife of Archiduke Maximilian of Habsburg) open every day from 
9 a.m to 7 p.m. It is also possible to visit the Castle and the park. 
There is a free guided tour of the park every Sunday at 11.30 a.m and 
2.30 p.m. You can visit the Old Conservatories Greenhouses (The 
Butterfly garden) and the Marine Park (with samples of Mediterranean 
flora and fauna).

The Sartorio Museum: Visit the permanent collections on display (Largo 
Papa Giovanni XXIII), and the "Histria" exhibition of restored works of 
art by Paolo Veneziano and Tiepolo.  Open Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-13. 
Closed Sundays and holidays. The Sartorio Museum is situated in Largo 
Papa Giovanni XXIII (close to the Stazione Marittima,) you can take Bus 
8. Check website


Chamber Music in Miramare Castle's Throne Room on Friday 31st: Guitar 
Recital, performed by Laurentiu Claudiu Stoica at 8.30 p.m
Sounds and Lights Show at the Villa Revoltella Park on Friday 31st: " 
Stories and legends, the secrets of Villa Revoltella", 9 p.m ( take Bus 
22 from Piazza della Borsa or piazza Goldoni).

Jazz Music in Muggia: Friday 31st at 8.30 p.m The Bernetti Trio 
performs at the Caffe Teatro Verdi.


Trieste on Foot
Every day, there are guided walking tours (in Italian and English) of 
Trieste, starting at 16:30. The tour lasts 2 hours and costs 5 Euro 
(children under 12 go free).  Book your place at the Tourist Bureau 
(TURISMO FVG Trieste, in Piazza Unita'). Tel. 040-3478312.

Trieste by Bus
You can take a tour every Saturday at 14.00 in front of the Train 
Station in Piazza Liberta'. The tour lasts 2 hours (with no guide) and 
takes you around the city's main monuments and sights. There is a 30 
minutes stop at the San Giusto Castle. For more information call 
Consorzio Promotrieste, tel: 040305308.  You can buy your ticket at the 
Eurostar office in the Train Station.Ticket costs 5 Euros for adults 
and is free for children under 10.

Trieste by Boat to Muggia
You can travel from the Molo Pescheria to Muggia with the Delfino Verde 
shuttle boat  to visit the Istro-Venetian fishing village. Take 
advantage to admire Trieste from the sea. See the following web site 
for timetables and prices:
Have a look at Muggia on:  (You can also take 
bus 20 from the Train Station all the way to the center of Muggia.)

Free Bus Trip to The Duino  Castle !
Promoted by the Federation of Craftsmen Transports and the Fondazione 
CRTrieste: Departure by bus only on Saturdays from the main square in 
front of the Stazione Marittima at 9.30 (be there at 9.20 a.m) and 
returning at 1 p.m. To get there take bus 8 from the Train Station. At 
the Castle ticket office, please show your ICTP badge in order to have 
a reduction for entry.
Duino castle is without doubt among one of the most attractive castles 
in Europe and is still the official residence of the Torre e Tasso 
royal family.  It was recently opened up to the public for the first 
time.  From its cliff top location it overlooks a small fishing village 
and is surrounded by extensive gardens.  Inside, you can see the 
furnishings, pictures, books and mementoes collected over centuries. 
Opening hours: 09:30 to 17:30.  Closed Tuesday. To arrange a guided 
tour telephone: 040 208120. For more info:


New: The Joseph Ressel path in Basovizza
This is an interesting and innovative way to learn about the Carso 
woods, fauna, plants, and geology. This walk is one of the first in 
Europe to be equipped with infrared transmitters system that will give 
you vocal info in English Italian or Slovene regarding environmental 
and historical peculiarities of the Carso territory. a receiver can be 
collected at no charge at the "Centro didattico naturalistico" 
(naturalistic educational centre) located at the entrance of the town 
of Basovizza (Via Gruden 34). You can reach the town of Basovizza by 
city Bus 51 from Trieste Train Station. For more info see

Carsiana Botanical Garden
The local Carsiana botanical garden, offers visitors a beautiful 
selection of the typical local fauna, to be found among the vegetation 
in Carso (karst). Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10-13, Sat, Sun and public 
holidays 10-13 and 15-19- closed on Mondays.  Guided tours take place 
at 16:00 and 17:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. Take Bus 42 from Piazza 
Oberdan up to Prosecco and proceed with Bus 46 to Sgonico. For more 
information: website - call: 040-229573.

Hiking in Val Rosandra
The Val Rosandra Valley encloses a remarkable natural environment and a 
walk through its paths, and by the stream and natural ponds, surrounded 
by typical Carsic vegetation is worth it, provided you have a good 
supply of water with you as it can be very hot this season. Make sure 
you have good sneakers on.
Walk along colour-marked footpaths, each marked by CAI (Italian Alpine 
Club), ranging from very easy paths to others that require some 
ability. There are easily accessible caves for speleology and 
archaeology lovers. You can reach the Valley by taking Bus 40 from the 
Central Train Station in Trieste and get off in Bagnoli della 
Rosandra.The excursion may last around 3 hours.

The Grotta Gigante or Giant Cave
The cave is considered the largest tourist cave in the world. It is 
situated on the Triestine Karst (Carso), half an hour from the city 
center. An exclusive feature of the cave is the horizontal pendulum, 
constructed by university researchers in order to calculate the 
slightest movements of the earth's crust. You can easily get there by 
bus 42 from the Central Train Station in Trieste and get off at Borgo 
Grotta-Sgonico.Visiting hours from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Entrance ticket: 
Euro 8,50/person or Euro 4,50/person for a group of 15.

La Napoleonica or Napoleon's path, panoramic walk overlooking the city.
Take the Tram to Opicina from Piazza Oberdan or take bus 4 to the 
"Obelisco" and go walking or jogging on the Napoleonica  (Napoleon's 
path), at the end you will find a parking area and at this point, you 
can take  path  number 12 (marked by C.A.I - Italian Alpinr Club) and 
reach the Temple of Monte Grisa, return to Opicina through the Via 
Crucis path (number 12) and finally return to the Obelisk and take the 
bus back to the city. (approx. 2 hours for the whole tour, 1 hour only 
for  "Napoleon's" path) .


Trieste's historical cafes:  The Tommaseo Cafe' (Riva 3 Novembre) and 
the San Marco Cafe '(Via Battisti 13) are places where writers, 
intellectuals and artists still meet. Presentation of books, art 
exhibits and musical evenings are held there.
Best ice-cream in town: Gelateria Zampolli, in via Ghega near the train 
station where ice- creams are made in the traditional way with over 68 

Agriturismo or Farm Holiday Restaurants:
Milic, Localita' Sgonico (Sagrado) in the Carso, offers exellent local 
wines and typical Carso specialities (mainly soups, grilled meats, home 
made gnocchi and pasta) tel: 040 327120. Take Bus 46 from Trieste Train 
Mezza Luna, in  Duino Aurisina (Malchina), wide range of meat 
specialities, own production of goat cheese, omelettes, good selection 
of wines. Phone: 040-291529, see website Take Bus 
43 from Duino.
Al Pescaturismo, at the Villaggio del Pescatore, where you are served 
fresh fish and seafood. Phone:  339 6390473. Take Bus 73 from Sistiana.
For more info on farm holidays in the region see websites:


There is a Bowling Center in Duino at "the Ristorante Pizzeria Bowling 
Duino" open daily and at night. There are also four swimming pools in 
the restaurant's garden (open from 9 am to 7 pm). The restaurant serves 
good pizzas and grilled meats too!! Check website 
or call: 040208362

Flea Market and Live Music in Sistiana.
Beach area "La Caravella", every Friday from 18.00 to 23.00 stroll 
around the stands and spend a nice evening near the seaport. There are 
a variety of bars and discos in the open air. City bus 51 to Sistiana 
town and bus 73 down to Sistiana Bay. On Saturday, there is a special 
night bus from Piazza Oberdan to Sistiana leaving at the following 
hours: 22.30- 23.30- 23.45 and returning to Trieste at 0.45- 2.20- 2.50 
-4.05. The bus is free but has no intermediate stops between Sistiana 
and Piazza Oberdan. (You can try your luck and ask the driver to stop 
before the Grignano tunnels).

Canal Grande Exhibition Fair: starting on 31st August until 9th 
September: There will be many kiosks with local and ethnic handicrafts, 
food and wine products,  live music, concerts. The Fair will take place 
around Piazza del Trieste.

Children activities: Adventure Park
Hicking, climbing, mountainbike in Duino-Aurisina, Ceroglie.
Freeclimbing experience in the Carso at Duino Aurisina
At the Trieste Adventure Park in Duino Aurisina you can walk in the air 
10 metres
  high, zip fly on a pulley from one side of the park to the other. In 
the area you can
  hike or use mountain bike trails and explore the World War 1 trenches 
and battle fields. At the Agriturismo Hermada (Farm holiday restaurant) 
situated in front of the park, you can have Carso specialities and 
local wine.
You can reach Duino Aurisina by bus:  number 44 from Piazza Oberdan 
then connection: 43 - 73 to Ceroglie. If you have a car: Follow the 
road signs to Sistiana, then head towards Visogliano, follow the 
indications to Campo Sportivo and finally you'll get to Ceroglie. 
Opening hours: July, August and September from 10.00 a.m to 7 p.m . 
Entrance fee for activities: There is a 20% discount for ICTP visitors 
(please show your badge) children under 10 pay 6,40 Euro and adults pay 
14,40 Euro. There is a further discount for organized groups of at 
least 20 people. For more info:

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