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	30 October 2020 	

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Top News
Estonia latest country to sign up to EuroQCI initiative

Estonia joins 24 other European countries to build a quantum 
communication infrastructure spanning the EU and its overseas 
territories (EuroQCI).


Map listing EuroQCi signatory countries and showing them on map

Funding opportunities
The Graphene Flagship is looking for a new partner for the Core 3 
Spearhead Project SafeGraph

The large-scale research initiative announced a call for Expression of 
Interest to find a new partner that will join the present consortium of 
the Spearhead Project SafeGraph.


A hand is placing the last piece of a puzzle

The Quantum Technologies Flagship: the story so far, and the quantum 
future ahead
In 2018, the Quantum Technologies Flagship set sail. This was the start 
of what is expected to be a ten-year voyage supporting several thousand 
EU researchers as they explore the potential of quantum technologies. 
The Flagship recently reached the halfway point of its three-year 
ramp-up phase, an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved so 
far, and to set ambitious targets for the years ahead.


EIC Pathfinder pilot
BoneFix: a new Pathfinder project proposing a paradigm shift in fracture 

BoneFix aims to provide a novel class of bone adhesives that will allow 
for personalized surgical treatment of bone fractures via minimal 
invasive surgery under local anaesthesia.


X-ray of a broken arm

LaserImplant will improve dental prostheses and implants for bone 

The new EIC Pathfinder project wants to develop laser-induced 
hierarchical micro-/nano-structures for controlled cell adhesion at 


Old-time sketch of a dentist and his patient

EIC Transition to Innovation Activities: first projects have just started

Less than a year ago, in November 2019, the first EIC Transition to 
Innovation Activities Call closed the submissions, and now the very 
first of the selected projects are on their way to genuine technological 
and societal innovations.


Start line

M-ONE: Shifting technology for magnetic resonance imaging

The new EIC Pathfinder project wants to challenge current technology 
used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


MRI of human head

DirectSepa: a new EIC Pathfinder project to revolutionize the 
two-dimensional materials production market

The DirectSepa project focuses on an efficient mass production method 
for two-dimensional materials, such as graphene or germanene.


graphene structure (illustration)

FORGETDIABETES proposes radically new approach to diabetes treatment

FORGETDIABETES will develop an immuno-optimized, fully-implantable, 
fully-automated, artificial pancreas for intraperitoneal hormone 
delivery, enabling an optimal glycaemic control for type-1 diabetes 


word cloud

The roadmap of improving European healthcare with the help of cell-based 

The LifeTime Initiative published its new Strategic Research Agenda that 
provides a ten-year strategy for the implementation of cell-based 
interceptive medicine in Europe.


Abstract illustration of cells in mitosis and multiplication of cells

Forthcoming Events
European Quantum Week 2020: catch up with Europe's quantum community

European Quantum Week (EQW) is an online event that will run from 2 to 6 
November 2020, in parallel with the Berlin Science Week.


	02/11/2020 - 06/11/2020


Graphene Flagship Innovation Workshop Electronics: a networking 
opportunity for research and industry players

The Innovation Workshop Electronics is a networking event where 
participants can turn their research and innovation ideas into fruitful 



	12/11/2020 - 12/11/2020


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