Seminar announcement 27 November 2020 - Sandra Di Rocco

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As part of the Department of Excellence project, the Department of  
Mathematics and Geosciences of the University of Trieste organizes a  
seminar by Sandra Di Rocco, full professor at the KTH (Royal Institute  
of Technology) in Stockholm, entitled

    “Geometry of data”

on Friday 27 November, at 2.00 pm, via ZOOM at the link

Everybody interested is much welcome.

Emilia Mezzetti

Abstract. Collecting and more importantly analyzing (big) sets of data  
is one of the greatest challenges of our society. One possible tool is  
geometrical data analysis, i.e., appropriately embed the data points  
in a geometrical object, for example using polynomials. Many problems  
in science can be described by polynomial equations. The solution set  
of the corresponding polynomial system is referred to as an algebraic  
geometrical model for the problem. We will see how geometrical  
modeling is used in fields like Kinematics and Biochemistry. Sampling,  
i.e., appropriately choosing data points on the model, is a powerful  
technique in the study of geometrical models. The key challenge is to  
estimate the right density of the data points in order to recover the  
shape of the model. An exciting and surprising aspect of the story is  
that classical geometrical tools (from early 1900) have shown to be  
effective and essential for data analysis.

Emilia Mezzetti
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