Geometric Structures seminar: Eero Hakavuori

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Sun Nov 1 16:51:47 CET 2020

Dear All,

this is to announce next seminar from the series "Geometric Structures".

Speaker: Eero Hakavuori 
Title: Carnot groups and abnormal dynamics 

Date:    Tuesday, November 3 
Time:    4 pm-5 pm (Rome Time) 
Venue:  from remote only, on zoom at this link

  Passcode: geometry

Abstract: The existence of so called abnormal curves is one of the
features distinguishing sub-Riemannian geometry from Riemannian
geometry. The need to understand (or avoid) abnormal curves appears in
many sub-Riemannian problems, such as the regularity of
length-minimizing curves and the Sard problem. Some recent progress in
both of these problems has been obtained by studying abnormal curves as
trajectories of dynamical systems. In this talk, I will present some of
the story of abnormal dynamics in the setting of Carnot groups. In
particular, I will cover how to lift an arbitrary trajectory of an
arbitrary polynomial ODE to an abnormal curve in some Carnot group. 

This series of seminars focuses on Real Geometry, touching topics from
real algebraic geometry, control theory, convex geometry, nodal sets,
random topology and subriemannian geometry. More information can be
found here: [2]. 
Everyone is welcome!

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