ICTP Math Seminar (Zoom Meeting) - Friday 29 May, at 16:00 (Alejandra Rincon Hidalgo)

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Thu May 28 11:12:12 CEST 2020

ICTP Mathematics Seminar (Zoom Meeting)

When: Friday 29th May, at 16:00

Speaker: Alejandra Rincón Hidalgo (ICTP)

Title: Roitman’s Theorem for K3 surfaces

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Abstract:  The aim of this talk is to prove Roitman’s theorem for a K3
surface X i.e. that CH^2(X) is torsion free.
We first start by studying the monodromy representation of a Lefschetz
fibration. We then reduced the main problem to study torsion points on
J(C) for a nonsingular curve C very ample on X. Since C belongs to a
Lefschetz pencil on X, we use its monodromy representation to study cycles
on C.
If time permits we give an alternative approach for elliptic K3

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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