ICTP Math Associates Seminar (Zoom Meeting) - Thursday 21 May, at 14:00 (Jorge Lauret)

ICTP Math Section math at ictp.it
Mon May 18 13:15:37 CEST 2020

Math Associates Seminar

Thursday 21 May 2020, at 14:00, Central European Time

Speaker: Jorge Lauret
FaMAF - Universidad Nacional de Cordoba CIEM - CONICET
Cordoba, Argentina

Title: Finding solitons in differential geometry

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Meeting ID: 749-725-833
Password: 751693

Abstract: The concept of soliton provides a useful way to discover 
elements in a given class of geometric structures that are somehow 
distinguished. Solitons sometimes play the role of "best" structures in 
the case when the most natural ones are not available. We aim in this 
talk to show that this is being very fruitful in the study of 
Riemannian, Hermitian, almost-Kähler and G2 structures on manifolds, 
with a particular strength on Lie groups. We will start discussing and 
finding solitons in some different contexts, including matrices, 
polynomials, plane curves, Lie group representations (moment maps) and 
the variety of Lie algebras.

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