ICTP Mathematics Seminar (Zoom Meeting) - Tuesday 30 June, at 16:00 (Dominic Veconi)

ICTP Math Section math at ictp.it
Fri Jun 26 15:24:59 CEST 2020

ICTP Mathematics Seminar (Zoom Meeting)

Starts 30 Jun 2020 16:00
Ends 30 Jun 2020 17:00
Central European Time
Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Dominic Veconi (Penn State University)

Title: Ergodic and thermodynamic properties of pseudo-Anosov diffeomorphisms

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Abstract: We discuss the thermodynamic and ergodic properties of a 
smooth realization of pseudo-Anosov surface homeomorphisms. In this 
realization, pseudo-Anosov map is uniformly hyperbolic outside of a 
neighborhood of a set of singularities, and the trajectories are slowed 
down so the differential is the identity at the singularities. Using 
Young towers, we prove existence and uniqueness of equilibrium measures 
for geometric $t$-potentials. This family of equilibrium measures 
includes a unique smooth SRB measure and a measure of maximal entropy, 
the latter of which has exponential decay of correlations and the 
Central Limit Theorem.

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