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The Commission’s European Innovation Council awards €5 million to 
blockchain solutions for social innovations
The European Innovation Council (EIC) Prize on Blockchains for Social 
Good has awarded €5 million to six winners selected in a call to 
identify scalable, deployable and high-impact blockchain solutions for 
societal challenges. The call attracted 176 applications, with 80% of 
applications coming from start-ups and SMEs.

Commissioner Gabriel said:

/I warmly congratulate all the winners. The proposed solutions show how 
blockchain can harness decentralisation for positive social change by 
supporting fair trade and circular economy, increasing transparency in 
production processes and quality information, improving accountability 
and contributing to financial inclusion. I hope that this award can help 
upscale these outstanding ideas and inspire many others innovators./


	Main URL <https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/news-redirect/681313>


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Success stories
European biomolecular research centre supporting the development of 
COVID-19 treatments

When COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO, an EU funded 
research project immediately stepped up to the plate. BioExcel, one of 
Europe's leading centres for computational biomolecular research, gave 
priority access to its supercomputing facilities and cutting-edge 
software. This will help researchers and innovators across Europe in the 
fight against coronavirus.



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Moving the Frontier of the Macroeconomic Modelling of Research & Innovation
The First European Conference on Macroeconomic Modelling of Research & 
Innovation will take a detailed look at macroeconomic models for policy 
making. It aims to contribute to the further development of the 
treatment and assessment of R&I investments and the role that public 
policies have in scientific, technological and economic development.

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	07/09/2020 - 08/09/2020




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Horizon magazine
How life on Earth could help us find life on Mars

In our continuing search for other life in the universe, one place has 
always looked promising – Mars. It is a rocky planet like Earth, 
orbiting the same star, and at a distance where water could have been 
present on the planet.



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