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EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020: 21 entrepreneurs are through to the 
Twenty-one of the most talented and inspiring women entrepreneurs in 
Europe and beyond are in the shortlist for the EU Prize for Women 
Innovators 2020. The prize celebrates the outstanding achievements of 
female entrepreneurs running innovative companies and is funded by the 
EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation. This year’s 
finalists are pioneering game-changing innovations across a wide range 
of industries and help combat global challenges.

Commissioner Gabriel said:

Today, we celebrate the work of outstanding women innovators and 
encourage the next generation of women and girls to follow in their 
footsteps. Gender biases and stereotypes continue to steer girls and 
women away from science and technology-related careers. These women 
clearly lead by example and show that you can follow your dreams no 
matter how big they are/./


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	EU Prize for Women Innovators 

Success stories
Accelerating vaccine development for the fight against COVID-19

Developing a vaccine is a time-consuming and complex process. But as the 
current global pandemic has made abundantly clear, time is of the 
essence. That is why a group of EU-funded researchers launched a 
platform that provides services, support, networking, and training to 
help accelerate the development of important vaccines, including one for 



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Horizon magazine
Quiet and green: Why hydrogen planes could be the future of aviation

Today, aviation is responsible for 3.6% of EU greenhouse gas emissions. 
Modern planes use kerosene as fuel, releasing harmful carbon dioxide 
into the atmosphere. But what if there was another way? One possible 
solution is to use a new type of fuel in planes that doesn’t produce 
harmful emissions – hydrogen.



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	Horizon magazine <https://horizon-magazine.eu/>

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