Algebraic geometry online seminars on K3 surfaces

Alessandro Nobile anobile at
Tue Jul 7 11:43:44 CEST 2020

Dear all,
    this is to announce the sixteenth algebraic geometry seminar on K3

SPEAKER: Michele Graffeo 

WHEN: Friday, July 10 at 4.00 pm (Rome)

WHERE: Link Zoom:
       Meeting ID:  978 2656 6577 
       Password:    756597

TITLE: Green's conjecture, algebra describes geometry

ABSTRACT: I will split this seminar in two parts. In the first part I
will introduce the needed instrument in order to state Green conjecture.
This part will be more foundational and it will be mostly about curves.
In particular I will introduce the notions of gonality and Clifford
index and I will show how, the latter, is related to the complexity of a
canonical curve. This complexity will be encoded by the Koszul
cohomology, an algebraic tool introduced, in the geometry context, by
Mark Green in '84.
In the second part I will give an idea on how Claire Voisin solved the
conjecture by involving K3 surfaces. 

The first part will be one hour long then we will take a small break for
the questions and then resume with the second part which will last half
an hour and it will be more technical. 

Everyone interested is welcomed to attend.

Best regards,

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