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Subject: 	CRANED - Colóquio Rio de Janeiro de Análise e Equações 
Date: 	Mon, 6 Jul 2020 20:51:43 -0300
From: 	Edgard Pimentel <pimentel at puc-rio.br>
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Dear colleagues

This is to announce the next edition of the Colóquio Rio de Janeiro de 
Análise e Equações Diferenciais (CRANED). Jointly organized by PUC-Rio, 
UFF, and UFRJ, the Colóquio aims at gathering the various research 
groups working on the topic in the Rio de Janeiro area. Since 2019, it 
happens three times a year (each occasion hosted by a different 

This year, due to the new coronavirus pandemic, CRANED will be online. 
The next edition takes place on *Thursday, July 9th, at 10:00 AM 
GMT-3* (Rio de Janeiro local time).

*The sharp exponent in the study of the nonlocal Hénon equation in Rn. A 
Liouville Theorem and an existence result *Alexander Quaas (U. Técnica 
Federico Santa María, Chile) July 9th, 10:00 AM GMT-3 (Rio de Janeiro 
local time)

*Elliptic systems with critical growth *Angela Pistoia (La Sapienza 
Università di Roma, Italy) July 9th, 11:00 AM GMT-3 (Rio de Janeiro 
local time)Link to join this CRANED edition: 
Meeting ID: 924 3481 0001 Password: 447705

Please, feel free to visit the CRANED website 
<https://sites.google.com/view/webinarpde/craned?authuser=0> to get 
information on previous talks and check out the posters of each edition 
(including the current one).

Kind regards,
Edgard (on behalf of my friends in the organizing committee)

Edgard A. Pimentel
Department of Mathematics, PUC-Rio
www.mat.puc-rio.br/~pimentel <http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/%7Epimentel>

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