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Coronavirus: €128 million EU funding to 23 new research projects

The Commission announced support for 23 new research projects in 
response to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. They aim to strengthen 
industrial capacity to manufacture and deploy readily available 
solutions, develop medical technologies and digital tools, improve 
understanding of behavioural and socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, 
and learn from large groups of patients across Europe.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, 
Education and Youth, said:


Emergency funding from Horizon 2020 will enable researchers to rapidly 
develop solutions with and for patients, care workers, hospitals, local 
communities and companies. The results will help them to better cope 
with and survive coronavirus infections. It's encouraging to see the 
research community mobilise so rapidly and strongly.


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Success stories
Building on experience

There are many factors that can influence a building's energy 
performance that a simulation cannot take into account. This is why one 
EU-funded project has gathered experience-based input from other 
building and energy stakeholders on what worked - and what didn't. The 
result is enbuibench, a platform where users can compare a building's 
energy use against other buildings with similar characteristics.


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  * Basarsi sull'esperienza
  * Opierając się na doświadczeniach
  * S'appuyer sur l'expérience
  * Construir desde de la experiencia
  * Auf Erfahrungen aufbauen


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Horizon magazine
Why more heatwaves endanger our health and ability to work

As the Earth warms, heatwaves are expected to occur more often, with 
sharper intensity and for longer periods. Rising temperatures adversely 
affect worker productivity and human health, but for policymakers to 
take substantive action for heat adaptation, and meet what researchers 
see as a life-saving Paris climate agreement, making an economic case is 



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	Horizon magazine <https://horizon-magazine.eu/>

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