New Physics Classification Scheme PhySH replaces PACS

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Wed Sep 12 13:36:32 CEST 2018

Dear All,

A new physics classification scheme, intended to cover the full breadth 
of physics, is replacing PACS.

APS announces:

"PhySH, APS’s new physics classification scheme, is now publicly 
available under a Creative Commons CC0 license. Created to provide a 
fully open, high-quality classification scheme for the entire physics 
community, PhySH groups concepts into a flexible hierarchy that 
organizes content by topics."

"PhySH (Physics Subject Headings) is a physics classification scheme 
developed by the American Physical Society to organize journal, meeting, 
and other content by topic. The development of PhySH is motivated by the 
lack of a fully open, high quality classification scheme for physics. It 
is intended initially to meet the specific goals of the APS for our 
journal, meeting, and other content. A longer term goal is to make it 
available for use by the broader community."

APS "encourage users to make contributions and suggestions to ensure 
that PhySH becomes a trusted resource for the physics community."

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