REMINDER - ICTP Mathematics Seminar - Tuesday 11 September, at 16.00 hrs. (Ibrahim Nonkane)

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Tuesday 11 September, at 16.00 hrs.

Ibrahim Nonkane (Universite' Ouaga II, IUFIC - Burkina Faso)

Title: Discriminants of complete Intersection Varieties


We develop a new approach of the discriminant of a complete intersection 
curve in the 3-dimensional projective space. By relying on the resultant 
theory, we prove a new formula that allows us to define this 
discriminant without ambiguity and over any commutative ring, in 
particular in any characteristic. This formula also provides a new 
method for evaluating and computing this discriminant more efficiently, 
without the need to introduce new variables as with the well-known 
Cayley trick. Then, we derive new properties and we show that this new 
definition of the discriminant satisfies the expected geometric property 
and yields an effective smoothness criterion for complete intersection 
space curves.

VENUE:Stasi Seminar Room (ICTP Leonardo da Vinci Building, first floor)

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