REMINDER - ICTP Mathematics Seminar - Thursday 6 September, at 14.30 hrs. (Alberto VERJOVSKY)

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Thursday 6 September, at 14.30 hrs.

Alberto Verjovsky (Instituto de Matematicas, UNAM, Mexico)

Title: Compact 3-dimensional geometric solenoidal manifolds


We present several results about solenoidal manifolds motivated by 
results by Dennis Sullivan in [1] with commentaries developed in [2] and 
on a join project with Dennis Sullivan [3]. Solenoidal manifolds of 
dimension n are topological spaces which are locally homeomorphic to the 
product of a Cantor set with an open subset of Rn. Geometric 
3-dimensional solenoidal manifolds are the analog of geometric 
3-manifolds in the sense of Thurston. We will give some results related 
to 3-dimensional geometric solenoidal manifolds.


[1] D. Sullivan, Solenoidal manifolds, J. Singul. 9 (2014), 203-205.

[2] A. Verjovsky, Commentaries on the paper "Solenoidal manifolds" by 
Dennis Sullivan. J. Singul. 9 (2014), 245-251.

[3] D. Sullivan, A. Verjovsky, Compact 3-dimensional geometric 
solenoidal ma- nifolds. In preparation.

VENUE:Stasi Seminar Room (ICTP Leonardo da Vinci Building, first floor)

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