prof. Fonda's seminar at SISSA

Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth tuillier at
Mon May 5 16:34:07 CEST 2014


Thursday 15 May, at 14.30,  in room 005,  Prof. Alessandro Fonda of 
Trieste University will give the following seminar:

Title: Periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems: a generalization of 
the Poincare' - Birkhoff Theorem

Abstract: I will propose some extensions to higher dimensions of the 
Poincare' - Birkhoff Theorem for Poincare' time-maps of Hamiltonian 
systems. I will then illustrate a couple of applications to the 
existence and multiplicity of periodic solutions to pendulum-type 
systems and weakly-coupled superlinear systems.

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