CMSP Section announces two talks

Cond.Matt. & Stat.Mech.Section cm at
Mon Nov 5 13:59:41 CET 2012


Tuesday, 6 November   -   11:00 a.m.


SISSA, Santorio Building,  Room 128 (1st Floor)




"Real space entanglement spectra    for large systems"


I will present a way to calculate the Particle Entanglement Spectrum (PES) and Real Space Entanglement Spectrum (RSES) of multi-particle systems from their real space wave functions. Our technique allows numerical calculations for much larger systems than were previously feasible. I will illustrate the method with results on the RSES and PES for the Laughlin and Jain composite fermion states and for the Moore-Read state at filling  nu=5/2 , for system sizes up to 70 particles.


SEMINAR on     Disorder and strong electron correlations

Thursday, 8 November -  11:30 a.m.

Luigi Stasi Seminar Room,  Leonardo Building - first floor


Alessio RECATI    (INO-CNR BEC Center, University of Trento )


"Local atom-number fluctuations in   quantum gases at finite temperature"


We investigate the number fluctuations in small cells of quantum gases pointing out important deviations from the thermodynamic limit fixed by the isothermal compressibility.  Both quantum and thermal fluctuations in weakly as well as highly compressible fluids are considered.  For the two-dimensional (2D) superfluid Bose gas we find a significant quenching of fluctuations with respect to the thermodynamic limit, in agreement with recent experimental findings.  An enhancement of the thermal fluctuations is instead predicted for the 2D dipolar superfluid Bose gas, which becomes dramatic when the size of the sample cell is of the order of the wavelength of the rotonic excitation induced by the interaction.

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