Invitation to Book Presentation "L'alfabeto della Scienza" - Friday, September 25

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Wed Sep 23 15:06:49 CEST 2020

"L'Alfabeto della Scienza", the new book by Professor Giuseppe Mussardo,
theoretical physicist of SISSA, will be showcased in an event at Caffé
San Marco in Trieste Friday, September 25 starting at 18:30.

26 stories of women and men of ordinary genius who, thanks to their
passion, have opened the doors of our understanding of the universe. A
journey that starts from the A of Abel - talented Norwegian who had a
legendary life, founder of one of the most fascinating theories of
mathematics - and ends with the absolute Z of Zero, the exciting
challenge, still in progress, to reach the ultimate limit in the scale
of temperatures. Figures who perhaps did not capture the collective
imagination as Einstein or Newton, but who have nothing to envy to the
great characters of literature: scrolling the alphabet the reader will
meet the French astronomer who risked madness to chase the transits of
Venus; the Indian astrophysicist who, very young, first predicted the
ultimate destiny of the stars but was mocked for his ideas; the French
scholar forced to hide behind a male name in order to publish
fundamental theorems on prime numbers. And many other characters and
tales, to embrace the complexity but also the beauty of the great
adventure of science.

The presentation of the book, published by Edizioni Dedalo, will be
moderated by the scientific journalist Fabio Pagan.

Following recent regulations, participation in the event will be
guaranteed ONLY to those who book by calling 0400641724 or by sending a
message via facebook to the page of the Antico Caffè San Marco.

The event will be held in Italian.

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