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Starting from *Friday,* *October the 16^th until Sunday, November the 
8^th * the exhibition *Visioni di Tergeste Futura*, on display at the 
*Centrale Idrodinamica* of the Porto Vecchio in collaboration with the 
Municipality of Trieste, presents a preview of the illustrations of the 
two upcoming albums of *Nathan Never.*

The *Trieste of the future *is the protagonist of the illustrations, 
among flying cars and robots, in a series of images which suggest a 
fantastic vision of the region’s capital city.

The exhibition *“Visioni di Tergeste Futura” *on display at the 
*Centrale Idrodinamica of the Porto Vecchio of Trieste* presents a 
preview of the illustrations of the two upcoming albums of *Nathan 
Never*, the famous science fiction comic book published by Bonelli. The 
two albums will be number 354, with the title /“La città del vento” (The 
city of wind), /and number 355 /”Check Point 23”/, written by Bepi Vigna 
and illustrated by *Romeo Toffanetti*, set in places which take us to 
visit *a futuristic* *Trieste,* whereas other illustrations are relative 
to the story “/Il Poeta” (The Poet)/. In these tables in colour, Romeo 
Toffanetti focuses all his attention on the issue of art and on the 
artist’s role.

“Visioni di Tergeste Futura” is co-organised by the *Municipality of 
Trieste*, Department of Culture, and by La Cappella Underground, curated 
by Associazione Viva Comix in the ambit of the Trieste Science+Fiction 
Festival. The exhibition can be visited *from Friday, October the 16th 
to Sunday, November the 8th, *on Fridays and Saturdays from 3 to 6 pm, 
on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. Special openings on Monday the 2^nd and 
on Tuesday the 3^rd of November from 3 to 6 pm. Free entrance.

In the tables on display we can recognise space cars flying over *piazza 
Unità d’Italia*, where a robotic crowd is gathering, or the *Scala dei 
Giganti*, an architectonic presence which suggests a fantastic vision of 
Trieste. The* city with some of its most picturesque glimpses *can also 
be seen in some cartoons, when it is not present in overhead views or in 
broad scenarios, strongly characterised by the city’s typical beauty. A 
*Trieste of the future, *that the authors prefer to call 
“*Tergeste”,* resuming its primitive toponym, to highlight its 
out-of-time classical identity.

Romeo Toffanetti *has illustrated some twenty albums and special 
almanacs of Nathan Never; this is what he says about his work: “/Drawing 
and arts accept the challenges of change, they transform, they adapt, 
anticipating what seems impossible for the time. Technology has been 
assimilated as part of a limitless creativity. Everything is possible if 
we start off from our will and our need to communicate. Looking for new 
ideas is less burdensome. Merging genres, styles and transforming the 
written token is almost an everyday need. Not to create astonishment, 
but to find new paths./“

*Romeo Toffanetti* was born in Buenos Aires, has lived in Pordenone and 
some years ago moved to Trieste. He admires the city’s natural and 
historical evocative features which in his illustration and paintings 
surface in all their “ordinary” uniqueness.

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