TUESDAY 20/10/2020 at 18pm - How to become President of the USA- WEBINAR - American Corner Trieste

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Mon Oct 19 09:51:03 CEST 2020

US Election Day 2020 takes place on November 3, 2020.   The *American 
Corner Trieste*, Piazza Sant'Antonio Nuovo 6 - Trieste in collaboration 
with the*U.S. Embassy to Italy <https://it.usembassy.gov/>* a propose 
the *U.S. ELECTION VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES* and other activities in 
theme. /www.aia-fvg.blogspot.com <http://www.aia-fvg.blogspot.com/> , 
aia.fvg at gmail.com <mailto:aia.fvg at gmail.com>/

*The Virtual Conferences with American Diplomats from the US Embassy to 
Italy* and* American Experts are our speakers in the *"*/US Election 
2020/* */- Virtual Speaker Series/*" , in English and on the Zoom and 
YouTube platforms. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is 
not possible to view the conference at the American Corner.

    *COMING UP:*


    _Tuesday, 20/10/2020 at 18_

      Speaker: Abdel Perera, Consul, US Consulate Milan
      On Zoom


/Passcode: 7R5S5g/

In recent months, the Cultural Office of the U.S. Embassy to Italy has 
organized a series of virtual conferences on various themes with U.S. 
Diplomats in Italy as speakers. The “Virtual Mission Speaker Program” 
has been an excellent way to continue the out-reach of the embassy.

In the past, U.S. diplomats traveled around Italy and made in person 
presentations. For the moment the “Mission Speaker Program” will take 
place only in the virtual mode. The US Embassy to Italy views this as a 
tremendous opportunity to interact with people all over Italy, 
especially in areas that in the past were difficult to visit for 
logistical reasons.

      *Other Election 2020 related activities:*

  * *VOTE* in our Mock Internal US Presidential Election. Submit your
    unofficial paper ballot in the mock election ballot box _or_ vote
    online on this *FORM*
    Please, only 1 vote per person.  It doesn’t count, but it’s fun!
  * *Take a **SELFIE* with your favorite candidate or even with both!
  * *READ* *Franchise*
    <https://blogspot.us18.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60fd0d4bf570a826a1be970a5&id=a4eb29e8d8&e=5800c13c51> by
    Isaac Asimov
    A short story written in 1955, imagines the elections in 2008. Come
    and discuss it with Short Story Club.

*Are you a US CITIZEN? 

  * If you have not yet registered to vote, you might still be in time
    to do so ASAP at www.fvap.gov <http://www.fvap.gov/>
  * Send your Absentee Ballot to the US free of charge through the US
    Consulate Milan Diplomatic Pouch. _Every Monday US Ballots are sent
    to the Consulate_ by the American Corner Trieste. _The last
    departure from American Corner Trieste is on October 26th. _

For more information: www.aia-fvg.blogspot.com 
<http://www.aia-fvg.blogspot.com/> aia.fvg at gmail.com 
<mailto:aia.fvg at gmail.com>  040 63 03 01

Denise Tecchio
American Corner Trieste
Cell 3288846049

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