Thursday 26/11/2020 at 3pm - Thanksgiving - Virtual event at American Corner

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The Associazione Italo Americana FVG / American Corner Trieste, Piazza 
Sant'Antonio Nuovo, 6 - Trieste, have always celebrated *Thanksgiving*. 
This year will be different in the US as well as in Italy.  Thanksgiving 
is a national holiday, held on the 4th Thursday of November.

Traditionally for Thanksgiving everyone tries to make it home to spend a 
few days with family. *In  2019, over 55 million Americans traveled over 
this weekend. *No gifts are exchanged, but instead you spend time with 
your family and the main event is the traditional Thanksgiving meal - 
Roast Turkey and Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie.  In addition on 
TV there are the Football games and parades - Macy's Day Parade in New 
York and the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena.

This year because of COVID-19, travel and family reunions are not 
recommended, the parades have gone virtual and most football games are 
played without a live public in the stadiums.

In any case, the Thanksgiving meal is a must.  Even if children and 
grandchildren can't come, families will celebrate at their own homes 
with the traditional menu, and perhaps with a virtual connection and 
with a smaller turkey! Eating leftover turkey for a month is not feasible!

The Associazione Italo Americana FVG has been celebrating Thanksgiving 
"in house" with 100 people, a buffet with 3 giant turkeys, side dishes 
and desserts cooked by our members and live music.  From 1961, the year 
of foundation of the association, until 2012 we celebrated in a 
restaurant.  In 2020, unfortunately, it is not possible to be together. 
Americans in Italy in any event will remember the holiday and prepare 
the traditional meal at home (maybe with a chicken instead of a turkey) 
and perhaps with a video call to friends and relatives near and far.  In 
recent years, many Italians have begun to celebrate Thanksgiving.

*The American Corner Trieste proposes 2 Virtual Events for Thanksgiving:*

*24/11/2020, 11 - ** Webchat - **Thanksgiving Proclamation, Lincoln* 
Facebook LIVE 
American Corner Trieste 
<>.  A discussion about 
the history of Thanksgiving and Abraham Lincoln's announcement in 1863, 
proclaiming it an official national holiday.

*26/11/2020,  ore 15 - **Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Chef Marc 
Murphy of the Food Networkon the Facebook Page - of the US 
<>Embassy to Italy 
0 American diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Rome and the U.S. 
Consulates in Milan, Florence and Naples prepare their favorite 
traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes, showcasing America’s rich cultural 
and culinary diversity. Marc Murphy, celebrity chef from the Food 
Network, will engage with the cooks in their own kitchens across Italy.
*Marc Murphy <>* was born in Milan when his 
father was a US diplomat. He now lives in New York and owns several 
restaurants. Since 2009 he has starred in *Chopped* on the *Food Network*.
For additional information: 
<> aia.fvg at 
<mailto:aia.fvg at>
Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise Tecchio
American Corner Trieste
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