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Triolo Anna triolo at
Fri Sep 18 10:31:37 CEST 2015

Tropical fish and goldfish for free

I am going to move house soon and I regretfully have to give away the fish
that have given me so much joy for several years. I hope they can find
other caring households to give joy to. They are:

Fish for cold freshwater:
- two goldfish that have been in a garden pond for a few years. If a pond
is not available, a sizeable freshwater tank would do, but not a bowl.

Fish for warmed freshwater tanks:
- two fancy goldfish,
- two Pictus catfish,
- two algae eater fish.

My fish tank is old though in perfect working order, so it is possible to
have that for free too, complete with pump, lighting, heater thermostat,
and ornaments.
Some relevant consumables will also be included.

My name is Anna Triolo and you can contact me at amtriolo55 at

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