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Sunday 13 May 2007
BIMBIMBICI (KIDS ON BIKES) returns to the Old Port and "Gets Down" on 
the new Bike Path.

The Eighth BIMBIMBICI (Kids on Bikes) event will take place on Sunday 
the 13th of May in Trieste. This annual national event, promoted by the 
FIAB (Federation of Friends of the Bicycle) under the auspices of the 
Ministry of the Environment, is organized every year in Trieste by the 
local cycling association, Ulisse.

KIDS ON BIKES is a local non-competitive bike ride for children under 
14 and is an occasion to assert the rights of our youngest citizens to 
circulate safely in the city by bike, and to promote more generally the 
idea of using the bicycle as a normal and healthy way to move around 
the city and improve the quality of urban life.

PROGRAMME:  Sunday 13 May

9.45		Meet at Piazza delle Libertà (the park in front of the Railway 
9.45-10.15	Registration (Euro 3 per person, includes insurance)

Route:  Through the Old Port and along the waterfront to Viale Romolo 
Gessi, Campo Marzio.

12.00		Finish

By inviting you and your children and your friends' children to return 
to the Old Port and to "get down" along the new "bike path" along the 
waterfront, Ulisse-FIAB has two urgent matters in mind.  The future 
spaces of the Old Port and of the city as a whole must be suitable and 
safe for children,  and the urban mobility of this city must be 
re-thought through a coherent and more sustainable plan. A concrete 
example of the urgency of the matter is that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RIDE  
along this so-called bike path along the waterfront because it is full 
of fixed obstacles that make safe transit impossible for both cyclists 
and pedestrians.  By getting off our bicycles along this path we mean 
to show how dangerous the situation is for young children, and to show 
how much the children would like to have this possibility.

The more people taking part in this demonstration, the stronger our 
message will be, and the sooner our city will become bike friendly!

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