today cineclub sissa

Francesca Iannelli iannelli at
Wed May 2 10:21:12 CEST 2007

For the cineclub Sissa, tomorrow wednesday 2 May - Multimedia Room:

Happiness by Todd Solondz (1998)

The programme
 h. 19.15 Refreshments
 h. 19.30 Happines

The movie
HAPPINESS (1998) by Todd Solondz
Runtime 134 minutes

When a young woman  rejects her current overweight suitor in a restaurant, 
he unexpectedly places a curse on her. The film then moves on to her 
sisters. One (Cynthia Stevenson) is a happily married woman with a 
psychiatrist husband and three kids. Unfortunately the husband develops an 
unnatural fascination for his 11 year old son's male classmates, fantasizes 
about mass killing in a park, and masturbates to teen magazines. One of his 
patients has an unrequited fascination for the third sister. Meanwhile the 
apparently stable 40 year marriage of the sister's parents suddenly unravels 
when he decides he has had enough and wants to live a hermit's life in 
Florida. Obviously, the whole movie is slightly warped in its viewpoint and 
certainly presents abnormal relationships among all of its parties.

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