ICTP organizes free Italian language courses throughout the academic year, open to its own visitors and scientists, staff and family members.  These courses are also open to visitors or persons connected with the organizations taking part in the Collaboration Protocol between the Comune and Province of Trieste and the scientific institutions, up to the available capacity. Non-ICTP participants will be asked a participation fee.  Italian courses are given by a professional teacher with broad experience in teaching to scientists from many different countries and cultures, and take place at ICTP in the Leonardo Building, normally in the Luigi Stasi Seminar Room.  

Four types of courses are organized:

A - 50 hours over 3 months, for absolute beginners. After a completed course, a person should have an understanding of basic Italian.
B - 100 hours over the academic year, for absolute beginners with a need to acquire a better understanding and command of Italian.
C1 - 30 hours conversation class, basic level, for the purpose of practicing and improvement.  Some skills, like course A, normally required.
C2 - 30 hours conversation class,  medium to advanced level.

Participants having attended 75% of the classes in course A, or 60% in course B, may receive an attendance certificate with details about the education and training received.  

For the academic year 2010/2011, courses will start on Monday, 20 September 2010.  The foreseen weekly timetable is:

Course A (3 lessons/week, 50 hours each course - Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8.30 - 10.00) - Organized three times a year, starting: September-January- March.
Course B  (2 lessons/week - Tuesday and Thursday: 8.30 - 10.00)
Course C1 (1 lesson/week - Monday, 12.30 - 13.30)
Course C2 (1 lesson/week - Monday, 13.30 - 14.30)
It is possible to join the continuing classes (B, C1 and C2) during the year; it is advisable to start A as planned.

Enrolment: can be made in person, directly with the teacher.
Books:  text books necessary for the lessons are available directly from the teacher; cost: 15 euro for Course A, 20 euro for Course B.

For further information, please contact the teacher, Ms. A. de Marchi (e-mail: or Ms. D. Giombi (e-mail:

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