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In order to minimize the risks of infection, here are some of the 
guidelines you will need to follow :

The arrival of the patients, i. e. "staff, scientific contractors and 
consultants", should be by appointment and always be announced by phone 
or e-mail in order to allow time to disinfect the medical equipment, 
chairs and furniture between the appointments.

Please avoid the overcrowding in the waiting room of the medical service 
and keep the timing of your appointments.

Patients should not be accompanied if not necessary.

Patients from outside of ICTP should go through the usual procedure of 
temperature measurement either at Galileo Guesthouse or Leonardo 
building before coming to the Medical Service.

The Medical Service will have a separate bathroom and the internal door 
between the main corridor and the corridors of the Medical Service will 
remain closed at all times to minimize the risk of infection for the 
colleagues working in Enrico Fermi building .

Those who have scheduled an appointment at the medical service should 
announce themselves before entering the building by dialing ext 500 at 
the inter-phone at the external door near the back entrance to the 
Enrico Fermi Building on the ground floor.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Medical service.

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