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Trieste is hosting the 2020 Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) from 2 to 6 
September. ESOF <https://www.esof.eu/en/> is the largest 
interdisciplinary conference in Europe focused on science and its links 
with society. The event will offer a rich selection of more than 170 
events, including seminars, talks, workshops and plenary sessions; many 
will be streamed live.

ICTP has played a key role in helping to organize the event, and will be 
visible during the week through several activities, including the 

  * *2 September, 12:00*: Filippo Giorgi, head of the Earth System
    Physics section, will speak during a keynote session on Climate
  * *3 September, 12:00*: ICTP Director Atish Dabholkar will be a
    speaker in a session organized by IIASA, entitled “Building Bridges:
    Big Research Infrastructures for Diplomacy and Global Engagement
    Through Science”
  * *3 September, 8:30*: Claudio Tuniz, ICTP scientist, has organized a
    panel session with the title "Extending the Body into Digital
    Technology: An Evolutionary Perspective”
  * *6 September, 8:30*: Rosario Fazio, head of ICTP's Condensed Matter
    and Statistical Physics section, has organized a keynote session on
    "Emerging Technologies: The New Quantum Revolution Era"
  * *6 September, 10:15*: Alessio Figalli, Fields Medallist, will
    deliver a keynote lecture on "Optimal Transport, from Nature to
    Machine Learning"
    thanks to the organization of Claudio Arezzo, head of ICTP’s
    Mathematics section.
  * *2 to 6 September*: ICTP will be represented with a booth in Hall
    28, the main venue where major talks will take place.

Full details of the ESOF programme are available here 
<https://www.esof.eu/en/About-the-Programme.html>. More details about 
ICTP's ESOF activities are available on its dedicated ESOF web page 

Parallel to the Forum, the Science in the City Festival 
<https://scienceinthecity2020.eu/en/> is hosting hundreds of free 
science outreach activities for the general public in the heart of 
Trieste. Concerts, exhibitions, science cafés, performances and much 
more: the list of events is long and exciting. Here's how ICTP is 

  * *4 to 5 September*: The Trieste Maker Faire
    <https://trieste.makerfaire.com/en/home-page/>, organized by ICTP’s
    SciFabLab, will take place this year in Piazza Unità as a major
    Science in the City Festival event. The famous "makers" gathering
    attracts hundreds of people who enjoy making things and sharing what
    they know.
  * *4 September, 18:00*: Claudio Tuniz coordinates a panel discussion
    on “Extending the Body into Intelligent Technologies. An
    Evolutionary Approach
    moderated by journalist Massimo Sideri (Corriere della Sera). This
    event will be livestreamed on ICTP's YouTube channel!
  * *5 September, 18:30 to 22:30*: ICTP will host a "World Science Cafe
    <https://events.scienceinthecity2020.eu/en/world-science-cafe>" in
    Caffè Tommaseo, Trieste’s oldest café. ICTP scientists will showcase
    their science in a wide variety of languages in conversation with
    visitors, representing the multiple fields of science and
    backgrounds of scientists at ICTP. Come see your colleagues for a
    celebration of the international nature of science in English,
    Slovene, Italian, Serbian, French, Croatian, Arabic, Spanish,
    Russian, German, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, and Hindi.

You can register <https://www.esof.eu/en/register.html> online for ESOF 
in order to access all sessions, panels, talks, and workshops. Special 
reduced fees are available for students or young post-docs.

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