Mindfulness-Oriented Meditation (MOM) - with Cristina Serra

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Wed Jun 10 14:36:25 CEST 2020

Mindfulness-Oriented Meditation (MOM) - with Cristina Serra

Join the meditation group on Thursday 11 June (17:30-18:45) through ZOOM:
Meeting ID: 936 4295 9011
Password: 742745
Info: cserra at twas.org - 338.4305210

Would you like to share a joint meditation, and experience its beneficial
effects? The Mindfulness-Oriented Meditation (MOM) helps disable automatic
thoughts, brooding, and mulling over painful memories.

Together we will train on how to engage with our own reality, to accept
and make friends with what we observe inside and outside ourselves, and to
stay focused on the present.

We will explore our behavioural patterns, feeling and actions in a
non-judgemental way, with a caring, open-heart. Through guided training we
will learn to move from reactions to responses, feeling better in our
relationships, lowering stress and looking at every-day's life with new

In our lives we all share common unpleasant experiences: anxiety, anger,
fear for the future, regret for the past. And we often let our thoughts
wandering around in circles, repeating the same schemes over and over. MOM
trains our mind to focus just on the present moment, and to let go all the

Join us!

Suggested: bring a comfortable, not too soft, pillow, and wear comfortable

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