NEAR and TRIESTE NEXT events, 27-29 September 2013

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*NEAR and TRIESTE NEXT events, 27-29 September 2013*

We are pleased to inform you about two upcoming major events to be held 
downtown next week from 27-29 September: NEAR AND TRIESTE NEXT.

*NEAR - Notte dei ricercatori*(Researchers' Night) will take place _only 
on_ _Friday 27th September_ 2013 (9.00 - 23.00) and it will be held at 
the same time as another event called *Trieste NEXT*, the *Salon for 
European scientific research* which will be focussed on everything 
concerning water. It is entitled WATERWISE.*NEXT* will carry on during 
the weekend, _on Saturday 28/9 and Sunday 29/9_, (Fri. & Sat.10.00 - 
23.00, Sun. 10.00 - 19.00).

Both events will take place in Piazza Unita', Piazza Verdi, Magazzino 
delle idee, Piazza Piccola and other neighbouring areas.


Only on Friday 27/9, ICTP will have a stand in Piazza Unita' all day 
long, with talks by our scientists, 3D printing demos by Carlo Fonda's 
group, guided tours for schools, concert by Joe Niemela at 22.00, ping 
pong tables for on-the-spot tournaments, a photo exhibit with portraits 
of researchers around the world in Sala Veruda, etc. ICTP will also 
present a video on "Seminando scienza. Trieste nel cuore dell'Africa" at 
the Magazzino delle idee.

For Info:


Continues until Sunday 29/9 and will host scientists, experts, lecturers 
and many other professionals to inform you about everything you'd like 
to know about water: building a naval park in Trieste, the amount of 
water in our bodies, in our food, the grottos, seafood, fossils. 
Moreover, it will offer guided tours, art installations, a fashion show, 
exhibits, videos on the giant grotta, plays, music and much, much more. 
For info:

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