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Tue Sep 17 16:12:31 CEST 2013

With reference to the below message, kindly inform our
colleague Sabrina Visintin urgently (email: sabrina at should you
wish to sign up at the British school.
This is necessary to understand the range of discount of which ICTP's
participants may avail.
Thank you,
Info Point


 We wish to inform ICTP staff and their families that the British School in
via Torrebianca 18, Trieste, has agreed to apply discounts that will be
applied according to the number of students in each selected course
 (discounts are not applicable to single lessons or to the application).

Discounts are as follows:

- 5% if there are 2 to 5 students
- 10% if there are 6 to 10 students
- 15% if there are over 11 students

For more info, please contact Ma Jill Woodcock, Group Director of
Operations, emal: Jill.Woodcock at
 Ms Michela De Santis, Administrative Officer, email:
Michela.Desantis at
Tel. 040-369.369- Fax 040-76.000.75

Best regards,

Info Point

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