Events at SISSA

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Events at SISSA
Via Bonomea 265

Thursday, 12 September at 10:00 a.m., Room 4
LECTURE "The structural determinants of protein oligomer toxicity 
/Fabrizio Chiti (Department of Biomedical, Experimental and Clinical 
Sciences, University of Florence, Italy) will talk about the conversion 
of soluble proteins into highly structured fibrils. He and his team 
found two solution conditions to convert a sample protein, namely 
HypFHN, from its denatured state to toxic and nontoxic protein oligomers./

Thursday, 19 September 2013 at 2:00 p.m., Room 5
WORKSHOP "Molecular Tools to Study Neurodegeneration" - see attached 
/"Molecular tools to study neurodegeneration" is a workshop aimed at 
students, researchers, and medical professionals. The main goal of this 
initiative is to promote the latest knowledge on neurodegenerative 
disorders and in particular on prion diseases. The topic will be 
analyzed from various angles: basic molecular mechanisms of 
neurodegeneration; regulation of cerebral cortex development; functional 
genomics and gene expression profiling of models of neurodegeneration; 
recent developments in immunodiagnostics; computational models for 
therapeuti approaches. This workshop is organized by the Prion Biology 
Laboratory at SISSA within the framework of the European project 
Trans2care, FESR 2007-2013 for the cooperation between Italy and 
Slovenia. The goal of the project is to promote knowledge dissemination 
and technology transfer, favoring innovative practices and products that 
address unmet medical needs, such as the burden of neurodegenerative 
disorders on the healthcare system in the world ageing population./
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