ICTP Going Green: New reusable cups

Infopoint info_pt at ictp.it
Mon Jul 30 16:20:14 CEST 2012

In its "Going Green"  efforts, ICTP has replaced the previous bottled
water dispensers with more economical and sustainable dispensers connected
to the tap water supply. This decision was taken considering the good
quality of the tap water at ICTP.

New reusable plastic cups are now available in order to prevent the huge
amount of wastage of the previous one-time use plastic cups.
They cost only 50 cents and may be kept as pencil holders or souvenirs at
the end of their use.
They are temporarily sold only at the Mail counters at the Leonardo and
Fermi buildings and at the Infopoint, but we are trying to see if they may
be inserted in a vending machine so that they are available for sale 24
hours a day.

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